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About Us

Inspired by soft clouds and sunset tones, Maison Callie was created with the vision to elevate your lounging experience into a heavenly one. We believe that comfort and beauty are two sides of the same coin and should harmoniously coexist. With this in mind, we specialise in creating sustainable lounge essentials that are science backed and proven to aid any skin or hair care routine.


We innovate and simplify lounge products to make your self-care routine an effortless one

Customer First

We prioritise your feedback and deliver you with products backed by real, proven results.

Always Thriving

We don’t settle for anything less than the best, in our service or our products

Genuine & Transparent

Maison Callie is committed to doing the right thing by our customers and environment

Our Founder

"As someone who's always excited over cotton candy skies, Maison Callie was inspired by the sunset view of my apartment window. It’s the 5-minute frame that gives me the sense of calmness and relaxation I crave for when coming home after a long day. I wanted to build a brand that could communicate that through its colours and emotions, and create products that not only feel heavenly, but look beautiful at the same time" - Winda T

Your pillowcase and hair styling products have a massive impact on your natural skin and hair. After all, these are the physical aspects that take the brunt of most environmental aggressors. 

This is where Maison Callie comes in! Backed by clinical science, Maison Callie takes a leap towards a beautiful, happier you. We create genuine heatless hair curlers and mulberry silk pillowcases- intimate products that are simple, easy to use, but pivotal to keep the bad hair days away and calm acne breakouts. 

Something practical, doesn't break the bank and is accessible to all. 

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