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Anti-Acne & Anti-Ageing Pillowcase

Clinically proven to kill 99.7% of bacteria

Infused with silver ions that naturally eliminate bacteria and fights odour without any chemical or harsh treatment.

This prevents acne at the source and keeps your pillow fresher for longer, which means better sleep and clearer skin.

Complement your skincare routine

Made of 100% Highest Grade Mulberry Silk 22 Momme,the smoothest, finest, and most durable silk fabric in the world.

With 43% less friction than cotton, our pillowcase helps reduce premature wrinkle formation and maintain skin collagen retention.

Combine this with our moisture-wicking properties, which ensure your skincare products stay on your face, not absorbed by the pillow!

Protects Hair

Flyaways stumping your hair goals? Say farewell to frizz!

Our fabric allows your hair to glide gently across the pillowcase and keep your hair moisturised and tangle-free.

Swapping to Maison Callie's pillowcase can also extend the hold, softness and shine of your gorgeous blowout curls!

Cool in Summer & Warm in Winter

Mulberry silk is naturally thermoregulating which makes sleeping feel more heavenly! 

Better yet, our pillowcases are hypoallergenic and have natural resistance to dust mites and fungi!


Maison Callie Heatless Curler Heat Curling Irons

Less than 5 minutes to put on

Takes 45 minutes to do

Loose curls style lasts for 2 days

Loose curls style only hold for 1 day

Promotes healthy & shiny hair

Breaks hair’s disulphide & hydrogen bonds resulting in dull appearance & dryness

Maintain natural hair oil & seal in moisture

Extreme heat strips the hair of its natural oil and moisture

Reduces breakage, split ends and frizz

Permanently damages your hair and results in frizz

Odourless curled hair

Burned hair smell

Bouncy, voluminous & natural looking curls

Brittle hair and unnatural dense curls

Healthier & Shinier Hair

Did you know that heat styling breaks the hair's disulphide and hydrogen bonds, resulting in dullness?

For softer, shinier curls, look no further than Maison Callie's heatless curler range.

It comes with matching accessories and protects your hair from breakage, split ends and frizz. Create endless hairstyles, from beach waves to loose curls without the heat damage!

Quick & Easy 

Beauty is pain? No Thank you! 

Maison Callie’s silk heatless hair curlers are designed to put your full night’s sleep at the forefront! 

• Lightweight & Comfortable 

• Easy 5-minute application 

• Morning reveal in under a minute

• Lasts up to 3 days

Get Salon Blowout Look

Sayonara to brittle-looking dense curls.

We created the perfect kit for salon style blowout at home!

Achieve bouncy, voluminous curls that last throughout the day, even during wild weather!

The best of the best quality

Unlike cheaper alternatives, our heatless curlers do not use memory foam, which loses its shape and is prone to breakage.

All our curlers are machine washable, works on all hair types, and comes with complimentary accessories in our very own signature gift box.


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