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SIZE 4 | XXS 31.5 80 24 61 34.5 87
SIZE 6 | XS 32.5 82.5 25.5 63.5 35.5 89.5
SIZE 8 | S 33.5 85 26 66 36.5 92
SIZE 10 | M 35.5 90 28 71 38.5 97
SIZE 12 | L 37.5 95 30 76 40.5 102
SIZE 14 | XL 39.5 100 32 81 42.5 107
SIZE 16 | 2XL 41.5 105 34 86 44.5 112
SIZE 18 | 3XL 43.5 110 35.5 91 46 117


Beautiful, styled hair every day of the week. 

Enjoy the benefits of heatless hair styling and silk into one. 

Maison Callie aims to continuously research and develop innovative beauty solutions to everyday hair and skin problems.

Our Values


We all deserve to feel comfortable in our own skin, no judgement


We love to push the boundaries on what's possible


In our materials and productions, it's people and planet first


Less corporate, more human. That's our vibe.


The founder of Maison Callie, Winda Tiodang has been using the heatless curling method for the last 5 years. From experimenting with the good ol’ velcro rollers, bendable memory foam curler to bath robes – she has used it all! 

She noticed that the heatless curling methods not only results in a bouncy and natural looking curls – it also lasts much longer than that from a heat curling wand.

The heatless method has been life changing as it saves an hour of her morning routine and results in a healthier, shinier curls. The traditional curling irons damages your hair (not to mention the unpleasant odour of burnt-smelling hair!)  

During the Sydney lockdown 2.0, she decided to research and designed the perfect heatless curler in the best interest of the overall health of hair and skin. 

But she doesn’t stop there. She wanted to create a complementary product that maximises one’s beauty sleep routine. That’s when she came around the game-changing and science-backed silver ion fabrics. Combined with the benefits of highest grade pure Mulberry silk, Maison Callie’s pillowcase helps slow down signs of aging with anti-acne properties. 

Moisture wicking

Your expensive skin care products and natural face oil stays where they belong, and not wasted / absorbed on the linen.

Extends the life of blowout curls

The list of benefits goes on and on, find out more about what it does by clicking here.

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